What is it all about ....

“We use an ancient, simple recipe-just flour, water, leavening, and salt-combined with our baker’s skill and passion.”

Our mission at BREADBAR is ambitious: we are proposing a new way of making and eating bread, thinking and talking about bread. It is inspired by the old-world breadcraft of France, a place where bread-making still revels in glory, enjoys the greatest respect, and where bread is consumed and appreciated with the same distinction as fine wine and cheese.

At BREADBAR we are introducing this old-world tradition but in a modern setting adjusted to the tastes and rhythms of everyday American Life. We use an ancient, simple recipe: flour, water, leavening agent, and salt-combined with our baker’s skill and passion. We use only the purest natural ingredients, blended gently, fermented at great length, and baked in an oven reproducing traditional techniques. We take care of the dough and grant the time necessary to develop naturally. We want to raise your expectations and offer you a new range of pleasure.

Our bread is good just on its own, with a crust and a crumb that taste, smell, and feel uncannily rich. We also want to revive the sense of intimacy that comes with good bread, the rare food that we eat with our hands and that more often than not we share with others. As we break bread, we forge bonds and partake in a unique bread experience that too frequently has been forgotten. At BREADBAR, bread is the main event and we bring this tasting and sharing moment back to center stage.

Bread gave us our starting point; from this, we have developed an entire line of breakfast pastries, menu items, and desserts to compliment your life. 

Above all, we are #BreadCraft #BreadPassion #BREADBAR

.... let there be BREAD !